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The cooperation in a traditional form is most often chosen by people with experience in running their own business. Such people expect as little formalities and admin as possible. And this is what they get.  
In this way we can cooperate in case of selling several fragrances, but also in case of perfumery with 150 fragrances. The size of collaboration is of no importance.  
The rule is very simple. We sign a short Agreement and we operate based on the buy/sell principle.
In practice, such form of cooperation works well with perfumeries, specialized shops, multi-department stores, boutiques, beauty parlours, hairdressers, nail salons, etc.

Traditional cooperation in short:
mainly for experienced business people,
you invest to your ability (sometimes even few thousand PLN is enough),
you expand your business using future profits,
you have real chances for success even in small towns,
you have the possibility to arrange the shop, your service point, stand, boutique and the perfume shop in accordance with your own ideas,
you yourself decide whether your business is Nicole perfumery or a drugstore, which can be expanded with additional assortment,
in time you gain a group of regular and loyal clients who will be a guarantee of your better future
you benefit from a high perfume margin.

Simplicity is a very important rule in running a business.  
It is worth abiding by it when selling packed products or running a perfumery.
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