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Own perfume label - private label
We manufacture perfumes and eau de parfum on the order of various companies under their own brands - private label. We implement orders also for small series.
Basic division of customized products:
  • For gifts, usually with an advertising slogan
Advertising cosmetics – we usually realize those at the request of the advertising agencies.
  • For profit reselling.
For the sales purposes, the companies often approach us for whom this will not be a main business activity, but a complementary part of their trade. For example, a drugstore wishes to have their own perfume brand.  
  • To strengthen own existing brand in other industry.
Service point, e.g. a cosmetics chain, wishes to strengthen their brand and sell perfumes under their own name, but also distribute them to clients on various occasions.  
There is a possibility to match any fragrance from the wide range of fragrances on offer to one’s own perfume brand - private label, as well as manufacture a new one, in accordance with the customer’s idea. Depending on the expectations, one can select appropriate bottle, pump, cap and cardboard box, etc. The logo can be the client’s logo or that of a brand. It is also possible to add an advertising slogan on the product itself or onto the box. There are many ideas…
Foto produkcja perfum
Don’t be afraid of own brand of perfume.
With our help, as we implement your idea, you will bring your initiative to life!
Depending on expectations and needs we offer:
The concept of own perfume brand
  • The product is to be adjusted to the expectations of the client and their end users. It is not all the same whether the perfumes will be given away for free in the form of gifts or sold. Also, its final price should be known, in order to create the right product.
The selection of appropriate recipes for own brand perfume
  • The recipe for own brand perfume is very important, as it must be in accordance with the legal regulations, to not exceed the level of allergens according to current provisions. It should also be consistent with the product’s price positioning. The final effect, i.e. how the perfume will smell, depends mostly on the recipe.
The choice of bottles, atomizers, caps, boxes, etc.
  • There are two basic types of atomizers: crimped or screwed on. The former allows refilling the bottles. The appearance of the product, i.e. the bottle, atomizer, collar and cap must be appropriately selected for the end user and their expectations.  The appearance is very important these days. The quality of atomizers is of significance, too, in order to avoid complaints; they cannot be bought from any unverified supplier.
Help in preparing the box design
  • The box should be in harmony with the bottle and be of similar quality. After all, the client first sees the box, then the content. There are also pre-defined texts that should be present on the box. The choice of appropriate printing techniques decides the final price of the box and greatly influences the final price.
We organize printing (manufacture) of the boxes
  • Good but cheap printing house? It sounds impossible, yet it is doable.
Purchasing raw materials, components, and packaging
  • All raw materials, components, bottles and other ingredients of the product are purchased from the verified sources.
Production of own brand (private label) perfume
  • It is not very complicated, but the details play an important role.
Confectioning (perfume bottling, packing)
  • Confectioning should be thorough, punctual and not necessarily in large series. It can be done in small steps, too, without freezing one’s finances. Why should the product be stored in the warehouses and wait to be sold, if the bottling can be done in accordance with the sales dynamic?
The preparation of necessary documentation of your own brand perfume:
  • Perfume safety report
  • Registering perfumes with CPNP
  • Documentation is very important. It is most probable that everyone would like to have legal goods, to sell it on the market without worries.
Logistics services
  • Logistics services of the own brand perfume is not a small challenge, especially if the client is just entering the business world. It can be much cheaper than often considered.
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