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Film Smart perfumy Nicole
NEW – packaged Nicole perfumes
Packaged Nicole Perfumes are ideal for sale in shops, service points, fuel stations and shelves of large supermarkets. No refill of perfumes is done at a sales point. Ready-filled perfumes in bottles are sold.
Even though perfumes are sold in a “ready” form without refilling, the bottles are equipped with an atomizer. This allows the client to independently fill them at home. As a perfume storage, the NICOLE SMART FILLER serves the purpose of a filler. In other words, it is perfumes in plastic 30 ml and 100 ml bottles, in an attractive box, giving the possibility to easily pour the perfume into the glass bottles.
We offer perfumes:  
    • in attractive 9 ml glass bottles, in a box,
    • in economic 30 ml glass bottles, in a box,
    • NICOLE SMART FILLER, volume of 30 ml and 100 ml, in a box.
All this at great prices. These are the so-called packed perfumes, but with the possible of another refill, intended for distribution and sale through traditional sale channels. The contents are a whole range of fragrances of the Nicole Eau de Parfum variety, with an increased content of fragrance essences.
We are aware that every client is different and has different needs. Customers are divided by age, social and professional position; however, they are connected by fragrance. Hence the idea of creating a product with an intriguing name of Smart Nicole. A 9ml bottle is an attractive product for everyone.

Basic features of the Smart Nicole:
attractive packaging,
handy shape – possibility to stash it literally everywhere,
practical, available and discreet in every situation,
low price with high value for many,
enormous number of fragrances in the series (as many as 150),
innovativeness in the form of NICOLE SMART FILLER.
Individual fragrances (small assortment and the whole range of 150 fragrances) can be introduced for sale. It is voluntary, depending on your clients’ needs.  
One may also sell exclusively perfume in glass bottles, but also paired with the NICOLE SMART FILLER. The decision is yours.
Impulsive sale
everyone uses and needs perfumes
attractive packaging
low price
handy and small package
low price
For teenagers
modern design
SMART – possibility to refill, arouses curiosity
possibility to discover as many as 150 fragrances
price acceptable for every pocket money budget
For women
handy and small package
shaped like a lipstick
includes as many as 200 applications (sprays) of perfume
SMART – possibility to refill, arouses curiosity
For men
unisex design
ideal for a car
SMART – possibility to refill, arouses curiosity
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