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Foto: Ponuda mirisa bezkompromisnih parfema Nicole
Nicole perfume offer
We are a manufacturer of the Nicole perfume. Our selection contains 150 most famous fragrances, including 2/3 for women and 1/3 for men. We assigned the available fragrances to three groups, in order to facilitate individual choice:
  • flower groups,
  • fresh group,
  • sensual group.
The advantages of our fragrances:
Perfumes are highly concentrated, lasting and efficient.
They stay on the skin good several hours, some more than 12 hours, up to over 24 hours, depending on the ingredients of each fragrance.  
Perfumes, as well as their component substances, are not animal tested.
Perfumes retain their natural colour. Most often they are light shades, even transparent, but also darker, yellowish-brown, as well as greenish. Perfumes can be compared to wine, for when they mature, they can change their colour, which is a completely natural phenomenon.
No synthetic substances are added to perfumes, which artificially change their colour to, for example, purple. Thanks to this, the probability of staining the clothes was reduced to minimum.
Nicole perfumes, due to the lack of expensive marketing, are available at very affordable prices.
The added value, that is of great significance for some, is the fact that they are equivalents of the most popular fragrances.
Perfumes have all necessary permits, certificates (according to IFRA).
Perfumes are dermatologically tested.  
The high-quality components that make up our Perfumes are original French essences.
Foto: Parfemi Nicole - veliki izbor mirisa
In accordance with ever-changing trends and seasons of the year, we regularly introduce new products.
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